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This fabulous floral Squirrel Kit comes with everything you need to complete a 6" hoop. Includes hoop, needle, floss, pre printed fabric, and felt flowers and leaves.

I try to design the kits so you can stitch one color at a time but unfortunately for this one you will have to go back and fill in stems after you have done your satin stitch leaves. Do Satin Stitch first before back stitch and "v" stitch on acorn. See photos below for examples. Note I forgot to do the back stitch on the orange leaf but it should be yellow. Ooops.

Last step is to add the felt leaves and then flowers. I did a running stitch on the leaves and a cross stitch on the flowers. You can place them the way I did or try something different!  You could also use different colors to stitch down you felt pieces instead of all yellow.

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