Finishing The Back - Video

3rd in a series of how-to videos for rikrack embroidery

step 1

Trim the excess corners off.


step 2

Secure the thread to the excess fabric. Stitch a loose running stitch all the way around the hoop. Pull gently as you go and the fabric will gather itself and fold inward. 


step 3

Stitch around again. But this time fold over the excess fabric that is poking up. Stitch through the folded over fabric to tack it down.

Adding Felt Back


If you know you want to use felt to finish the back of your hoop it is best use your hoop to trace before you start stitching. If you forgot just trace around the outside of your hoop and trim about a quarter inch off.

Secure your thread to the gathered excess fabric . Bring your needle around so that it points away from you. Stitch through the felt and the excess fabric at the same time. then move your needle over about half an inch and repeat all the way around the hoop. Secure the thread in the excess fabric when finished.